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Sermon Title Date Preached AM / PM
Word of Truth Baptist Church11/24/2013AM
The Necessity of Soul Winning11/24/2013PM
Acts 111/27/2013PM
I Am He12/01/2013AM
Not of This World12/01/2013PM
Acts 212/04/2013PM
Church Attendance12/08/2013AM
Acts 312/11/2013PM
Understanding the Old Testament Part 112/15/2013AM
Understanding the Old Testament Part 212/15/2013PM
Acts 412/18/2013PM
Let Us Be Therewith Content12/22/2013AM
Imparting Your Own Souls12/22/2013PM
Appreciation for the Free Gift12/25/2013PM
The Apostle Peter12/29/2013AM
Walk in Newness of Life12/29/2013PM
Acts 501/01/2014PM
Why Jesus Is Cast Out01/05/2014AM
A Fool Trusteth In His Own Heart01/05/2014PM
Acts 601/08/2014PM
Beware of False Prophets01/12/2014AM
What is a Reprobate?01/12/2014PM
Acts 701/15/2014PM
Honour Thy Father and Thy Mother01/19/2014AM
Transgressing with your Mouth01/19/2014PM
Acts 801/22/2014PM
Ask and Ye Shall Receive01/26/2014AM
Slothfulness and Idleness01/26/2014PM
Acts 901/29/2014PM
Judge Righteous Judgment02/02/2014PM
Acts 1002/05/2014PM
Do You Give Lip Service To God?02/09/2014AM
The Lamb's Book of Life02/09/2014PM
Acts 1102/12/2014PM
Take Heed Lest You Fall02/16/2014AM
Believe Not Every Spirit02/16/2014PM
Acts 1202/19/2014PM
The Worldwide Flood02/23/2014AM
Daniel's Strengths02/23/2014PM
Acts 1302/26/2014PM
Be a Man of Your Word03/02/2014AM
Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem?03/02/2014PM
Acts 1403/05/2014PM
Sins That Will Get You Kicked Out of Church03/09/2014AM
The Family - Wives03/09/2014PM
Acts 1503/12/2014PM
How to Grow as a Christian03/16/2014AM
The Family - Husbands03/16/2014PM
Acts 1603/19/2014PM
Sinning Through Ignorance and Sinning Willfully03/23/2014AM
The Family - Children03/23/2014PM
Acts 1703/26/2014PM
Stop Making Excuses03/30/2014AM
Facing Giants03/30/2014PM
Acts 1804/02/2014PM
Manna - The Bread that Came Down from Heaven04/05/2014AM
The Prodigal Son04/05/2014PM
Acts 1904/09/2014PM
Forgive and Forget04/12/2014AM
Fear God and Keep His Commandments04/12/2014PM
Acts 2004/16/2014PM
What Does the Bible Really Say About the Resurrection04/19/2014AM
Be Zealous and Repent04/19/2014PM
Acts 2104/23/2014PM
The Devils Music04/26/2014AM
Grounds For Divorce04/26/2014PM
Acts 2204/30/2014PM
Stubborness and Rebellion05/04/2014AM
Be Responsible for Your Own Actions05/04/2014PM
Acts 2305/07/2014PM
The Important Role of a Mother05/11/2014AM
The Waters of Meribah05/11/2014PM
Acts 2405/14/2014PM
Be a Doer of the Work05/18/2014AM
Unforgivable Sins05/18/2014PM
Acts 2505/21/2014PM
The Sin of Achan05/25/2014AM
Digging the Old Wells05/25/2014PM
Acts 2605/28/2014PM
The Book of Jonah06/01/2014AM
Acts 2706/04/2014PM
The New King James Version06/08/2014AM
How Important You Are in Gods Eyes06/08/2014PM
Acts 2806/11/2014PM
The Fathers Role06/15/2014AM
Perversion From Alcohol06/15/2014PM
Ruth 106/18/2014PM
Purpose Your Heart to Cleave Unto the Lord06/22/2014AM
Ruth 206/25/2014PM
Jesus Was Not an Anarchist06/26/2014PM
Fruit that Remains06/27/2014AM
How You Can Help a Growing Church06/27/2014PM
As the Lord Commanded Moses06/28/2014AM
Tithes and Offerings06/29/2014PM
Ruth 307/02/2014PM
The Perfect Law of Liberty07/06/2014AM
Honoring Your Head07/06/2014PM
Ruth 407/09/2014PM
Word of Truth Baptist Church is a Family Integrated Church07/13/2014AM
Living By Faith07/13/2014PM
John 107/16/2014PM
The Lies of Dispensationalism07/20/2014AM
What Do You Expect07/20/2014PM
John 207/23/2014PM
God is an Extremist07/27/2014AM
Taking Initiative07/27/2014PM
John 307/30/2014PM
His Mercy Endureth Forever08/03/2014AM
Sacrifice of Praise08/03/2014PM
John 408/06/2014PM
Practical Soulwinning - How to Give the Gospel08/10/2014AM
My Strength is Made Perfect in Weakness08/10/2014PM
John 508/13/2014PM
Unity of Faith08/17/2014AM
Usury and the Oppression of the Poor08/17/2014PM
John 608/20/2014PM
Taking Correction08/24/2014AM
Gossiping Busybodies08/24/2014PM
John 708/27/2014PM
How God Speaks to Us08/31/2014AM
The Whole Armor of God08/31/2014PM
John 809/03/2014PM
Doubting Your Salvation09/07/2014AM
John 909/10/2014PM
The Reality of Hell09/14/2014AM
Heaven The Millenium and the New Heaven and Earth09/14/2014PM
John 1009/17/2014PM
The New Man09/21/2014AM
Original Sin09/21/2014PM
John 1109/24/2014PM
Having the Wrong Friends09/28/2014AM
Don’t Be a Fool09/28/2014PM
John 1210/01/2014PM
The Salvation of a Nation10/05/2014AM
Throwing Down the Altar of Baal10/05/2014PM
John 1310/08/2014PM
Why We Don't Celebrate Halloween10/12/2014AM
Be Careful to Maintain Good Works10/12/2014PM
John 1410/15/2014PM
A Christian View of Sodomites10/19/2014AM
Being Disciplined10/19/2014PM
John 1510/22/2014PM
The Fruit of the Spirit10/26/2014AM
Lordship Salvation is a Works Based Salvation10/26/2014PM
John 1610/29/2014PM
Fasting and Prayer11/02/2014AM
God is Terrible11/02/2014PM
John 1711/05/2014PM
Our Mission11/09/2014AM
Love One Another11/09/2014PM
John 1811/12/2014PM
A Personal Relationship With Jesus11/16/2014AM
Who Are The Elect11/16/2014PM
John 1911/19/2014PM
Giving Thanks11/23/2014AM
Bible Memorization11/23/2014PM
John 2011/26/2014PM
Why We Are King James Bible Only11/30/2014AM
A Cheerful Giver11/30/2014PM
John 2112/03/2014PM
The Death Penalty12/07/2014AM
Genesis 112/10/2014PM
John the Baptist12/14/2014AM
The Antichrist's One World Government12/14/2014PM
Genesis 212/17/2014PM
Get in the Plow with Jesus12/21/2014AM
Tattoos and Piercings12/21/2014PM
The Word Made Flesh12/24/2014PM
A Fresh Start to a New Year12/28/2014AM
Be Ready for Church12/28/2014PM
Genesis 312/31/2014PM
What is your Life01/04/2015AM
In the Eyes of the Lord01/04/2015PM
Genesis 401/07/2015PM
By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them01/11/2015AM
Lying Prophets01/11/2015PM
Genesis 501/14/2015PM
The Reformed Catholic Church Part01/18/2015AM
The Lies of Calvinism01/18/2015PM
Genesis 601/21/2015PM
The Importance of Sound Doctrine01/25/2015AM
Repetetive Preaching01/25/2015PM
Genesis 701/28/2015PM
The Power of God vs The Power of Satan02/01/2015AM
The Holy Scriptures02/01/2015PM
Genesis 802/04/2015PM
Be Ye Separate02/08/2015AM
Den of Thieves02/08/2015PM
Genesis 902/11/2015PM
What is Gods Name02/15/2015AM
Prayers of Intercession02/15/2015PM
Genesis 1002/18/2015PM
Despising Gods Blessings02/22/2015AM
The Order of Melchizadek02/22/2015PM
Genesis 1102/25/2015PM
Despise Not the Chastening of the Lord03/01/2015AM
How to Manage Your Investments03/01/2015PM
Genesis 1203/04/2015PM
The Ten Commandments 1 - No Other Gods03/08/2015AM
The Ten Commandments 6 and 8 - Thou Shalt Not Kill or Steal03/08/2015PM
Genesis 1303/11/2015PM
The Ten Commandments 2 - Idolatry03/15/2015AM
The Ten Commandments 4 - Remember the Sabbath03/15/2015PM
Genesis 1403/18/2015PM
The Ten Commandments 9 - Bearing False Witness03/22/2015AM
The Ten Commandments 7 - Adultery03/22/2015PM
Genesis 1503/25/2015PM
Palm Sunday and Communion03/29/2015AM
The Ten Commandments 10 - Thou Shalt Not Covet03/29/2015PM
Genesis 1604/01/2015PM

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